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Aura Reading


Aura Reading is a clear personality analysis, the personality of the client is shown in images, symbols and scenes of life. The client receives relevant information from the reader who is in a state of deep relaxation and reads the information on the Higher-Self level, in which the reader is completely neutral. During the Analysis the client sits and listens to the advisor. A reading takes about 1 ½ – 2 hours.

The personality of the client is seen from different viewpoints and gives him or her information on the potential that has already been achieved, and how the goals of this life can be reached. It also gives information about his or her personality in this life and how it determines its whole life. That means how one is feeling inside is related to the environment, self-esteem, how one takes care of itself and others, and connecting to the source and how you show these areas to the outside.

A Reading also provides information on the orientation of male and female energies, capabilities and blockades. There are seven main chakras (energy centers) also known as the aura layers. His or her “programs” which have been brought into this life are looked at, and whether they are essential for the Reading and for further development. Restrictive forms of thought like fear and beliefs can be changed or resolved. The reader informs the client of his or her skills and talents. The last step is the reference of growth which gives information about the personality and spiritual development.

At the end of the reading, the client is welcome to ask questions.
I would recommend to record the reading so that you can listen to it at any preferred time.

If you want to work on your personality, your inner development and growth, I recommend subsequently a self-processing.

Analysis of personality takes about 1 ½ hours. (minimum age 18 years)
Cost € 144, – and 20 % taxes:

Special Readings with the following topics: relationship, money and career, the future (period 1 year), Kundalini-reading, spiritual helpers, higher self, ABC-reading.